Rockin Vans VW T6 Camper conversion Scotland


The Twisted Conversion is an original Rockin Vans conversion inspired by the larger motor home layout.  The aim was to design a nifty VW camper van with the spacious comfort of a motor home interior. This conversion is suitable for long haul campers who like to spend weeks on the road at a time.  By reversing the pop top roof and building the kitchen area closer to the rear of the van, the spatial dynamic shifts to give the camper the feel of a fully functional kitchen perfect for whipping up 5 star dinners to match your 5 star views.

The Twisted Conversion is a simple idea that makes the world of difference in practice.  Well suited for those who want to be able to stretch out in comfort on long camping trips. By changing up the traditional layout we have created the perfect campervan for camp cooking enthusiasts and the unusually tall.

At Rockin Vans we know that every interior inch of your campervan is valuable space. The design layout can be the difference between a confined, crowded squeeze and a luxury, spacious cruiser.  All appliances and storage areas are neatly situated in sensible places that give an overall feel of practicality and style.

Another great feature that sets this conversion apart from the rest is the addition of a compact, portaloo that can be neatly stowed away when not in use. Although we would say that freedom squats in the great outdoors are half the fun of camping, it is always good to have a back up for when you’re not feeling it.

To maximize heat retention this conversion design is fully insulated and fitted with carpet over vinyl flooring. High quality, tinted windows serve as both privacy enhancers and act as additional heat retention features. Fitted curtains complete the privacy aspect giving you the option of a completely blacked out inside for those long lies.

A full electrical system complete with two 240v, USB and 12v charging points are standard design for all our campervans but additional power points can be added if requested.  A convenient 48-liter fresh water tank is fixed beneath the floor so you can wild camp for days without needing to refill.

Eco-friendly, energy efficient LED lighting continues the theme of practicality with five such lights carefully positioned throughout the van. A short arm reading light joins the party for ultimate comfort at bedtime stories sessions.

Your luxury kitchen is efficiently stacked into a compact, linear block of functionality. A spacious 50-liter fridge-freezer acts as a base on which crockery storage cupboards and the sink – gas cooker combination sits on. Additional storage for foodstuff, sweet liquor and anything else you may have in-tow lines the opposite side of the van.  Finishing features of this workspace are the solid oak worktop and central table for your culinary camping delights.  The front passenger seat has a clever swivel feature allowing you to easily rotate the seat direction when parked up.

Below the slumber zone you have block storage units that extend the full length of the seat to the tailgate door, which gives you enough storage space to bring clothes for every season!

The Austop Roof and double bed feature is exactly the same as in other vans apart from its direction. This rear facing design works in conjunction with the kitchen to allow the high flipping of pancakes and the popping of champagne. This top quality and reliable roof allows for good ventilation whilst still retaining heat. Doubling your sleeping space can only be a good thing, right? The second double bed comes in the forms of collapsible Neptune RIB seats towards the front of the van which fold out with ease.

Minimum maintenance and total convenience is this campervans game. A winning design, this campervan is the made for those who want to go the extra mile or hundred in total comfort.


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