Rockin Vans Bespoke campervan build

DV8 Bespoke Camper Conversions

At Rockin Vans we believe that you should not settle for the campervan that is almost perfect for you.  Our team is completely dedicated to making your conversion as close as possible to the campervan you have been dreaming of. From the big things right down to the finest details, Rockin Vans take on board absolutely everything you have in mind as well as providing helpful suggestions and advise. We have the know-how, the skills and the imagination to envisage what you want and bring it to life. The result? Satisfied customers that drive away ready to explore the places they love in total comfort and with the peace of mind that they have invested in a high quality and reliable campervan in which to make lots of happy memories.

For some people, a camper conversion project will be a retirement plan fueled from endless long hours on the daily grind with the glimmer of excitement for future adventures in their home away from home keeping them going. For others, it will be something they want for exploration exhibitions with their friends, kids or pets. Weekends in the mountains hill walking and camping or summer holidays exploring the Highlands or the Lake District. Whatever the reason for converting a van, Rockin Vans are here to help. We want your daydream of dropping everything and driving anywhere, to be a reality.  

Some people will have had a ‘Project Happiness’ savings jar that every spare penny got chucked in, others will have jumped at all the over-time they could get for their campervan nest egg. At Rockin Vans we want all those hours to have been time well spent and help you create the campervan you've been mentally designing for years. 

Having a van already is a good start, however, if you need a van sourced Rockin Vans can facilitate this and find the right van for you. Either way we are here to help you design and build your dream camper. Book your slot now and get one step closer to achieving your road-tripping dream.