- Panoramic windows 

- Extra large bed 

The 3SIXT Conversion, as the name suggests is focused around the panoramic window feature in the back with every other modern convenience fitted accordingly into a practical and well thought out design.  This van is designed for long lie people who prioritise their bed and view over anything else. With this van you can wake up to an ever-changing view in full sight before you even put your socks on.  With three large RIB seats that fold down into an extra big, memory foam topped king sized bed, leaving your campervan will be the biggest challenge you encounter on your travels.

A simple, yet highly efficient design, the 3SIXT Conversion has an excellent layout with every nook and cranny utilised.  The thought process behind the design is credited to buckets of experience camping in the wilds and in every weather condition. At Rockin Vans, we know that every interior inch of your campervan is valuable space. The design layout can be the difference between a confined, crowded squeeze and a luxury, spacious cruiser.  All appliances and storage areas are neatly situated in sensible places that give an overall feel of practicality and style. 

Eco-friendly, energy efficient LED lighting continues the theme of practicality with five such lights carefully positioned throughout the van. A short arm reading light joins the party for ultimate comfort at bedtime story sessions. 

Your rolling kitchen is neatly packed into a linear strip of functionality on the starboard side of your van. A surprisingly spacious 50 litre fridge-freezer acts as a base on which crockery storage cupboards and the sink – gas cooker combination sits on top. Additional storage for snacks, booze and anything else you may have in-tow, is conveniently located adjacent.  Finishing features of this workspace are the solid oak worktop and central table for your culinary camping delights. The front passenger seat has a clever swivel feature allowing you to easily rotate the seat direction when parked up. Below the slumber zone you have block storage units that extend the full length of the seat to the tailgate door, which gives you enough storage space to bring clothes for every season (which you might need in one day in the UK.)

The Austop Roof and bed feature allows for extra sleeping and headspace. This high quality and reliable roof completely changes the dynamics within the van, creating a much bigger area in which to relax and enjoy the wilderness. Well ventilated whilst still retaining heat, this pop up roof doubles your sleeping space and your happiness levels.  

A winning design, this campervan is the perfect vehicle to take you on any adventure. 

To maximise heat retention the vans are fully insulated and fitted with a full carpeting pack. High quality, tinted windows serve as both privacy enhancers and an additional heat retention features. Fitted curtains complete the privacy giving you the option of a completely blacked out inside for those long lies in the peaceful quiet of nature.  A full electrical system complete with two 240v, USB and 12v charging points are standard design.  A lavish and sterile 48 litre water tank is fixed conveniently beneath the floor so you can wild camp for days without needing to refill. 


We always base our quotes on the Volkswagen T6 for our campervan quotes.

VW T6 2.0l Highline with: 

- Lights & vision pack plus
- Electric folding mirrors
- Removable Towbar
- Heated Seats
- Front & rear parking sensors
- Power latching side door
- Power latching rear door

We are able to convert a number of different base vehicles. Please get in touchfor more information. 


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