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conversions - 01 February 2018

Get Some Green

Thought you were close enough to nature? Think again. 

One way to brighten up your campervan and keep your camping air nice and fresh is with lovely, living plants. With some thoughtful positioning, sturdy straps and a variety of low maintenance plants you can bring your campervan to life with a lush green interior. 

Some plants we have found to thrive in this environment are;

The Spider Plant 

This wispy green plant can sustain itself in almost any environment. Originating in Southern Africa it is part of a highly durable species. With minimal attention it produces beautiful white flowers that grow into long grassy shoots. The biggest attraction to this plant is the Rod Stewart style shadow it casts which immediately enhances the atmosphere of your rolling home. 


No hassle in your mobile castle with these guys. With these prickly plants in high fashion at the moment you can get a huge variety of miniature cacti at very competitive prices (check out the range on amazon). Get creative with your pots with some handcrafted artwork to make you feel even more at home. Take care though - kids, cats and dogs seem to be magnets for these plants and somehow retain no memory of any unpleasant experiences with them resulting in Ground Hog Day spikey mishaps. 


If you're looking for a bit more color try out this vibrant red flowering plant. Low maintenance, high visual impact this plant can transform your campervan into a beautiful, bright travelling greenhouse. An exquisite adaptor, this plant can grow and flourish in varying levels of light exposure which means even from season to season this plant will be fine in your campervan, flowering more in the summer months. 

Herb Garden

Why not find a sunny corner in your campervan to micro farm your very own cooking herbs. Economical, eco-friendly and convenient it's a no brainer idea. You can't beat fresh basil stright off the stem in your hearty pasta dishes. 


A personal favorite, this vine will grow quickly and quietly into weaves of lush green vines. One of natures great survivors, this climbing plant will provide stunning dark green foliage and create a super zen vibe in your home away from homes. Keeping the air fresh while making your campervan looking pretty unique, a little ivy palnt can go a long way.