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conversions - 06 December 2016

Choose your camper raising roof from RV Campers

Choosing your campervan raising roof can be a difficult decision, there a lots of different brands and types to choose from, and the difference in cost is pretty huge. We have put together this guide to help you work your way through this minefield. At Rockin Vans we have two preferred roof suppliers, SCA and Austops. We have tried and tested a number of different raising roof options however none of these have matched the quality and design of SCA and Austops.


Austops roofs are a Rockin Vans favorite, fitted to our rental campers since 2010. Manufactured in the UK, their “Reimo style” roof offers a high quality gel coated roof at a fraction of the price.  Austops offer 2 different styles of roof, 1 with rear hinges and 1 with the traditional side scissors.  If your van has a non-metallic paint finish then it’s possible to get the roof colour coded at the factory for no additional cost.

The roofs are available for VW’s, Vauxhalls, Ford, Nissans’s and Renault’s and when closed only add a few inches to your height, perfect to get under parking restriction barriers. All Austops roofs are fully insulated and using honeycomb construction gives them excellent strength and rigidity which will prevent sagging.  To provide strength to the vehicle, solid front, back and side supports are bonded on. High quality canvas with 2 side vents and a large front window give a feeling of space.  A simple push pull hydraulic elevation using gas struts allows for easy operation. 

Rear Hinge

A rear hinge is the standard fitting for Austops Campers. It has a very simple push up and pull down action which even a the smallest of wee ones can manage! No need to worry about ripping the canvas.

Rockin Vans use the rear hinge Austop roof on all rental campers due to its durability and ease of use.  

Side scissors

For an additional £100 side scissors can be fitted to the roof. This gives another foot of extra head room, and when the bed platform is down, more space for those sleeping up top. It means it would be much more comfortable for adults in the roof bed.

The main con with the scissor hinges, is exactly that, they act like scissors. If you are not careful they can cut the canvas which is costly to However if you take care of your van – which we have no doubt you will, then the scissor hinge option does offer more headroom and sleeping space. 



SCA is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sleeper roofs, pop up roofs and high roofs. They are used by many different campervan converters around the world. The roofs have advanced engineering and excellent quality. They are substantially more expensive than the Austops roof, however they do have many different qualities and only add value to your vehicle.

The SCA roof comes with German TUV approval (technical inspection association) The roof comes with the following features:

  • Secure tumbler lock system
  • Aluminum Sliding panel covering access opening
  • Strap closing system
  • Traditional roof bed (hatch panel optional)
  • Dual zipped windows with midge screens
  • Aerodynamic integrated front spoiler
  • GRP roof shell with insulation
  • Gas struts and scissor hinges
  • Supplied with full TUB certification
  • Fire resistant canvas fabric
  • Prefabricated reinforcing Frame
  • Grey Canvas

Roof Specifications

  • Raising roof bed size: 200 x 120 cm
  • Van height with the roof down: 199cm
  • Roof load capacity for roof rack: 70kg
  • GRP Roof shell 4mm thick with 4mm insulation

They also come with a 2 year SCA warranty, which gives added peace of mind to your conversion.